International Journals of Contemporary Innovations in Sciences is a Double Blind Peer Reviewed, Multi-discipline, Open Access Journal established for the sole purpose of hosting and distributing high quality research papers.  To this effect IJCIS ensures that every research paper published in its journal must meet both IJCIS Journal standards and International Publication Standards.

All Journals under IJCIS Journals adopts a double blind peer review process. The research papers are sent to reviewers who will review the paper in line with the IJCIS standards. The particulars of the authors are hidden from the Peer reviewers. This will eliminate any bias that may arise from the personality of the author.

All papers submitted to any of the IJCIS Journals must pass plagiarism test at 70% originality level. This will give room to accommodate existing formula, quotes, and in text citations in the work. The Plagiarism test ensures that at the time of review, the paper has not been published any where nor a significant part of the paper plagiarised.