IJCIS Journals Standards

IJCIS Journals Peer Review Process ensures that all research papers submitted meets all scientific research publication standards. The papers submitted for review must meet the following IJCIS Journal standards:

  • The research paper must be written in a simple, clear, technical and scientifically acceptable language.
  • The language of writing must be in English Language.
  • The research/scientific procedure/methods adopted must be clearly stated in the research paper.
  • Papers with vague procedures that will not encourage replication of research work will not be accepted.
  • Aim/objectives, hypothesis, research questions, analytical methods and findings must be in the same direction.
  • IJCIS research papers must have up to date references matched with in-text citations using APA Referencing Style
  • Sources of research data must be fully referenced with download links if any.
  • During revision of manuscripts by authors, all comments and issues raised must be attended to, and if not, reasons for rebuttal must be clearly stated.

International Standards

  • Manuscripts must be original work of authors and Authors must certify to that effect.
  • Manuscripts already submitted for publication or review elsewhere will not be accepted.
  • Comments and contents of the research which are not the original works of the authors must be properly cited and referenced.
  • All ethics and standards relating to the field in which the research was conducted must be clearly stated and adhered to.
  • Falsification of data, statistics and results is a very serious crime, as it misleads the readers and general public.