IJCIS Journals Copyright License



Users of papers published in IJCIS Journals can use, reuse and build upon the material published in the journal for non-commercial purposes. Use, reuse and build upon refer specifically to the common definitions of open access as follows:

‘Use’ in this context implies downloading or reading the materials contained in IJCIS website.

Re-use’ means making more use of the content such as distributing, making copies, using in presentations etc.

‘Building upon‘ is a special form of re-use in which part of the material contained in the IJCIS website is used to produce a new research work and, possibly, a new publication. In this case the part of the material used must be properly cited and referenced.

IJCIS subscribes to the Creative Commons license attributes and may even prohibit building upon content by not allowing Derivatives (the altering, transformation, or building upon content), as described in the corresponding Creative Commons license attributes.